THE ROUNDED LIGHT SOURCE and rectilinear ornamental banding blend classic with contemporary in the Urbanica. Die-cast aluminum arms, collar and hub surround a polycarbonate globe. With numerous optical options available, the Urbanica is both high-style and industrious.

SIZE Post top: small and large | Sconce: small and large
LENS Post top: UV-stabalized acrylic or polycarbonate globe
Sconce: UV stablized acrylic opal lens, and frosted lens
OPTICS Post top: O- no optics | 3- type III glass refractor | 5- type V glass refractor | SL 45* louvers | HPL – high performance louvers | Sconce: N/A
LAMP LED | Post top: Small: PLT 26, PLT32, PLT42, 35HPS, 5HPS, 70HPS, 50MH, 70MH
Large: 100HPS, 150HPS, 100MH, 150MH, 175MH / Sconce small: INC 100, 2XPLC13, 2XPLC26, PLT 32, PLT 42, 2XPLT32, 2XPLT42, 35HPS, 50HPS, 70HPS, 50MH, 70MH, 100MH /Large: INC 200, 4XPLC26, 4XPLT32, 4XPLT42, 150HPS, 150MHPS, 175MH
BALLAST Post top: HPF electronic ballast for compact fluorescenmt and HPF magnetic for HID
MOUNTING PT – post top | WS – sconce
PAINT FINISHES TexTured or smooth polyester powder coat finishes | Custom RAL colors available