THE NIMBUS BLENDS HIGH-PERFORMANCE WITH A STYLISH, INDUSTRIAL AESTHETIC. The variety of domes—from entirely metallic to a glass and wire frame combination—make it suitable for residential and professional applications. High performance prismatic optics provide high levels of vertical illumination with minimal glare.

SIZE Nimbus II: 12″, 16″ | HPAL, HPDL, HPGL: 12″, 16″ 22″
LENS Nimbus II: frosted glass, optional: perforated disc with rods, pcl prismatic conical lens, GDR- glass disc & rod fram assembly | HPAL-clear flat lens, HPDL: clear flat lens, optional: prismatic drop lens, prismatic conical lens | HPGL: clear flat lens
OPTICS Nimbus II, HPAL, HPDL, HPGL: Standard acrylic reflexor- polycarbonate optional
LAMP LED | Nimbus II, HPAL, HPDL, HPGL: 812: INC100, 50MH, 70MH, 100MH, 50HPS, 70HPS, 100HPS, PLC18, PLC26, PLT32, PLT42 | 816: INC150, 175MH, 250MH, 250HPS, PLC26, PLT32, PLT42 | 822: INC300, 400MH, 400HPS, PLC32, PLT70, PLT32, PLT42 (please refer to the pdf to see specific lamp details.)
BALLAST Nimbus II, HPAL, HPDL, HPGL | Compact fluorescent = HPF HID=HPF Magnetic
MOUNTING Nimbus II, HPAL, HPDL, HPGL: aircraft cable, cord, stem
PAINT FINISHES Texured or smooth polyester powder coat finishes | Custom RAL colors available