NIMBUS CENTRO BRINGS A STYLISTIC REFINEMENT to the performance of the Nimbus. An exposed, heavy-gauge, perforated aluminum frame encases a ribbed glass pendant. The combination of materials makes the design workable in professional and residential spaces.

SIZE Small and medium
LENS Prismatic clear acrylic reflexor (standard) Red, Green, Amber colored reflexor also available
LAMP SMALL LED | INC 100w | PLT 70w | 2 X PLT 26, 32, 42w | 4 X PLT 26, 32 | MH 50, 70, 100, 150w
LAMP MEDIUM LED | INC 100w | 2 X PLT 70w | 4 X PLT 32, 42w | MH 150, 175, 250w | HPS 150, 250w
BALLAST Compact Fluorescent – HPF electronic | HID lamps – hpf magnetic
EMB dimming, and quartz relay and socket may be available upon request
CBXX – black or white cord and canopy | SMXX – stem and canopy
HHCP – hook hanger with black or white cord and plug | CC – black curly cord
MOUNTING Chrome dipped decorative arms (standard)
KGD – konstrukt frame with glass disc
KPD – konstrukt frame with perforated disc
KDB – konstrukt frame with decorative band
PAINT FINISHES All standard smooth or texture paint finishes available | Custom RAL colors available