WITH A STATELY LINEAR DESIGN, the Pampas light embodies the modern styling of early 20th century architecture. Each model is engineered with extruded and laser cut aluminum housing and built with heavy-gauge aluminum. The Pampas is able to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions while adding elegant illumination.

SIZE Wall mount, Pendant mount, Post top mount: small, medium, and large. Bollard mount: 36″ and 42″
LENS Standard opal polycarbonate lens.
Options WML – white faux alabaster lens | BML- brown faux alabaster lens.
OPTICS Type III glass refractor | Type v glass refractor | Stacked louvers | High performance louvers
(Please refer to PDF for specific details)
LAMP LED | PLC: 13, 18, 26 / PLT: 26, 32, 42 | MH: 50, 70, 100, 150 / HPS: 50, 70, 100, 150
BALLAST HPF magnetic ballasts for HID and electronic ballasts for compact fluorescent.
MOUNTING WM: wall mount | PM: pendant mount | PT: post top | BM: bollard mount
PAINT FINISHES Textured or smooth polyester powder coat finishes | Custom RAL colors available