THE OPTIC AND MOUNTING OPTIONS paired with the industrial-quality construction, make the Sloop light a perfect fit for outdoor use and installation. The design features a direct, minimal form that optimizes performance while blending with the environment. Each model features high-grade aluminum housing and detailing.

SIZE Small, medium, and large (small and large are available in LED)
LED OPTICS Type I, Type II, and Type III distributions
OPTICS Clear tempered lens standard – frosted lens
LAMP LED | Small: HPS – 35, 50, 70,100 | MH-50, 70, 100
Large: HPS – 150, 200, 250, 400 | MH-175,250,400
BALLAST Compact fluorescent | HPF electronic | HID lamps-hpf magnetic
G12-T6 lamp available upon request | Quartz restrike and photocells available upon request
ELECTRONIC DRIVER Universal HPF electronic driver 0–10v dimmable for LED sloops
MOUNTING PAM – pole arm mount | APM – adjustable pole mount / WAM – wall arm mount | ADJ – adjustable wall mount / YM – yoke mount | FM – flush mount
PAINT FINISHES All standard smooth or texture paint finishes available (for both interior and exterior of fixture) | Custom RAL colors available