THE TAMBIEN MODEL VARIES GREATLY but displays a classical form with exemplary proportions. Four different arm mounts, two size options and an asymmetrically positioned shade make the wall-mounted Tambien a versatile design perfect for sign and wall lighting.

SIZE Small and medium
LAMP LED | IOIL small: INX75, PLC13, PLT26 | large: INC150, PLC13, PLT26, PLT32, PLT42, 50MH, 70MH, 100MH, 70HPS, 100HPS, 150HPS | RCLB- INC100, PLC13, PLC18, PLC26, PLT32, PLT42
BALLAST Compact fluorescent – HPF electronic | HID lamps – HPF magnetic
G12-T6 lamp available upon request
MOUNTING IOIL- WM- wall mount
PAINT FINISHES Textured or smooth polyester powder coat finishes | Custom RAL colors available